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Please enter your details in the fields provided below; all asterisk marked fields must be entered. Following successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email providing instant access to the service using your unique, secure log in details.

The majority of orders placed in Latitude Mapping Portal will be delivered to the Order History section of your Portal account for you to download in compressed format (Winzip, Winrar or similar is required to access your order). On occasion, we may need to post your order to you on CD due to file size so please complete the Delivery Address section as well as the Invoice Address section below.

Latitude Mapping Portal has been tested & is compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer & Firefox browsers – please log in to Latitude Mapping Portal using either of these browsers to ensure the mapping & all functions display correctly.

If you would like to be invoiced on a 30-day credit account for subsequent orders please tick the relevant box below. Please note that this facility is only available to repeat business customers based on expected annual map purchases. Please contact Latitude Mapping Ltd on 01707 663090 to discuss further.

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